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There's some more NYC Politics inside baseball that M. Thomas Nast didn't cover here because he wouldn't know. Specifically, how Bobby Digi, as President of the SI Dems Association set Kamillah Hanks up at a 2017 Primary Debate against Debi Rose at Charlie Brown's restaurant.

I know, I was there. He called on Amy Porier for the first question, which was a hit job she read off her phone. I always thought Leticia Remauro, Debi's campaign advisor, fed it to Porier. Kamillah was fucking pissed. She said, referring to Digi, "That mother fucker set me up."

I still have the Facebook posts where Digi attacked me as a Debi Rose surrogate. He said, "I ain't your nigga," or something equally moronic. They tried to paint me as racist, which is laughable, because I was really just a complete asshole.

Kamillah and Kevin hated Digi for years, and the feeling was mutual. This new connection isn't genuine. It's transactional.

The other point is that Brad Lander, if he hasn't already, probably should open up an investigation. These are all Adams loyalists. If Lander wants Gracie Mansion in 2025, an investigation of this quid pro quo with NYC Taxpayer money is a good way make Adams' rats scatter.

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