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Michael Volpe Investigates
Michael Volpe Investigates special report: the incarceration of Paul Boyne

Michael Volpe Investigates special report: the incarceration of Paul Boyne

He remains in a Connecticut prison awaiting trial for blogging about judges.
The Paul Boyne case is a "payback" case. Boyne mouthed off about and exposed crooked judges, and they came for him. I'm not sure how the State's Attorney intends to get around Counterman v. Colorado, 600 U.S. 66 (2023), a recent U.S. Supreme Court case concerning the line between true threats of violence punishable as crimes and free speech protected by the First Amendment. The High Court decided that statements are not free speech if the defendant recklessly disregarded a substantial risk that their statements would be viewed as threatening violence. Boyne has a good faith defense. His Family Court Circus blog was, at times, frustrated, bigoted, and misguided. But it was newsworthy. Boyne should fire his PDs and cross examine the Judge-"Victims" himself. That will be Must-See TV in CT. -

(Note: the podcast is split into three parts due to time constraints imposed by McDougal Correctional Facility in Suffield, Connecticut)

Part 2


Part 3


Paul Boyne is a political prisoner, sitting in a Connecticut prison for having the audacity to criticize judges.
Last July, he was arrested in his home in Virginia and extradited to Connecticut.

Paul A. Boyne, 62, {he’s now 63} of Springfield, Virginia, faces 18 felony cyberstalking charges for alleged online threats targeting three Connecticut judges.

After spending 90 days in a Fairfax County, Virginia jail, Connecticut extradited Boyne on October 19.

Boyne appeared in New Haven Superior Court on October 20, where Justice Eugene R. Calistro issued protective orders prohibiting him from contacting the three judges. With a bond of $750,000, Boyne remains in custody, awaiting his next court date on November 1.

Boyne, who fought extradition from Virginia, said he feared prosecution in Connecticut.

“If I go to Connecticut, you’ll never see me again,” Boyne said. “They’re going to throw me in a hole in the basement of the oldest prison in Connecticut. And the trial might be sometime in the next ten years. And they won’t let me out, and they’re just going to punish me, because it’s a whole bunch of Jews running the entire thing.”

The charges against Boyne stem from a multi-year investigation by Connecticut State Police alleging he operated the contentious blog “The Family Court Circus” from his Virginia home. From late 2017 until Boyne’s arrest in July 2023, the blog, which is currently offline, regularly posted derogatory and sometimes threatening language aimed at exposing the injustices of Connecticut family court.

Paul told me that the State of Connecticut normally has no more than eight months to try someone after they are charged to comply with the speedy trial right, but they have been able to blow past that with impunity.

According to the Connecticut judiciary website, he faces charges ranging from stalking, cyberstalking, and criminal impersonation.

The serious sounding charges are farcical because they all originate from his blog, thefamilycourtcircus.com.

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The blog is racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, but it also accurately criticizes the Connecticut judiciary. Paul and I discussed his anti-Semitism in Part 2 of the podcast.

The now-famous Blog cheers the jewdicial word-salad promoting deceit by the mentally infirm Judge Eddie Rodriguez of the armpit of Bridgeport Family Court, undermining public confidence in the jewdiciary, exposing the child trafficking game abhorred by society. The tragedy of Christopher Ambrose continues, in tireless effort to abuse three gifts from God, tormenting childhood under guise of jew Judge Adelman’s ‘best interest’ orders cutting mom out of their lives. Ambrose files ‘ex parte‘ motion in family court demanding runaway children be seized by police, cuffed, chained, dragged kicking and screaming back to his loving care.

The fallacy of family court is when the kids don’t play along with jewdicial discretion, the chessboard flips, pieces go flying, the game is over. All the pleadings, testimonies, evaluations, experts, legal fees, best interests rulings, go out the window when kids just say no. The Ambrose case exemplifies the constitutional overreach of jews like Jane Grossman, Gerard Adelman, Anthony Truglia who rape childhood forcing children to void the orders, flee abusive Christopher Ambrose, find safe haven of mother, then plead for relief from abuse in juvey court against respondent ogre father, where the court appoints counsel for all three kids, joining mad man Ambrose in suit. Big picture here is family court orders are the singular cause of child abuse, kids holding statutory legal remedy in juvenile court, seeking their own protection; judges of family court can be abusers too! No one saw that coming.

Three kids run away from Ambrose, leaving him alone in a quiet house, where he turns to his laptop portal to altered reality of scripts, pleading in rambling prose for the family court to arrest mother, have the Madison Police physically seize three children, incarcerate them in his lair in chains, or alternatively, if he cannot have his precious, then neither can mother, demanding the State place the children in foster care, mad man’s delusional mind believing his loving children are under the spell of witchcraft, where mother manipulates child psyches, creating zombies acting against orders of Judge Adelman. Blog consumer protection department advises it ain’t makin’ this shit up! Jewish ideology of family court perverts administrative no-fault divorce under color of ‘best interests’ to rape childhood, perform momectomies in violation Fifth Amendment’s substantive due process clause, imposed upon states by the Fourteenth, but jews eschew goy rights penned with a quill on old parchment. Trafficking children is a jewish delicacy!

In it, Paul has discussed Karen Riordan and Lauran Haidon’s cases: both of which I’ve covered as well.

Paul told me that the State of Connecticut failed to give him a true bill, which would give a more detailed explanation of the charges.


The closest to an explanation of the charges against him is in a motion I’m not privy to filed in April 2024. He explained the details of the motion further.


Paul also emailed me the portion “long arm,” as he called it, filed on April 19, 2024, with the pertinent portion.

John P Doyle State's Attorney for the Judicial District of New Haven, at New Haven, accuses PAUL BOYNE of the crime of Stalking in the First Degree, and charges that on or about December 13, 2021 through April 19, 2024, in the Town of Groton, the said PAUL BOYNE did knowingly engage in a course of conduct directed at and concerning a specific person to wit: Thomas Moukawsher, that would cause a reasonable person to fear for such specific person's physical safety and the physical safety of a third person. In doing so, the said PAUL BOYNE did intentionally direct such conduct at such other person, in whole and in part, because of the actual and perceived race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression of such other person, in violation of General Statutes $$53a-181c(a)(4) and 53a-181 d(b)(1)(A).

Judge Thomas Moukawsher is now retired, but he previously presided over Karen Riordan’s case.

Retired Judge Thomas Moukawsher

What did Paul do that caused former Judge Moukawsher to fear for his, “physical safety and the physical safety of a third person,” as the filing states.

I reached out to John Doyle, who filed it. Doyle is the elected State’s Attorney for New Haven, which is prosecuting Boyne.

Doyle did not respond to an email for comment.

I also reached out to Greg Borrelli, an Assistant State’s Attorney, who is in charge of Paul’s prosecution, but he also did not respond.

Paul has two public defenders, from the Kirschbaum Law Group: Jennifer Buyske and Alice Powers. Neither responded to emails for comment.

Paul told me that in the same April long arm form Doyle referred to his action as “unprotected speech.”

Isn’t this a matter of free speech? I’m not the only one who thinks so. Attorney Collen Kerwick filed an amicus brief, or she attempted to, before it was rejected. Her argument is that Paul’s blog is protected speech.

Another attorney who looked at the charges said this.

I took a cursory look at thefamilycourtcircus.com blog.  His writings are definitely anti-semitic, racist, and libelous.  It's obvious that he's crazy.  However, I didn't see any evidence that he intends to physically harm anyone.  It's also obvious that state actors have it in for him.  Assuming that his writings amount to "disturbing the peace" and is only a misdemeanor, the state expended significant resources to extradite him from the State of Virginia, years after he left the State of Connecticut, and house him in prison awaiting trial.  

Whenever I think about the New England states, the tragic Salem witch trials sometimes come to mind.  

Paul agrees. He has taken his case to federal court, even as his state case plays out. He filed a habeas corpus, arguing largely the same thing. He wrote it in pen, due to being incarcerated. Here’s part of it.

The State of Connecticut responded with a technical argument, arguing that Paul’s habeas filing is defective because he hasn’t exhausted all his state appeals.

Michael Proto, a Senior Assistant State's Attorney, filed that response, and he didn’t respond to an email for comment.

The federal court has yet to rule.

Paul’s next hearing in state court is June 24, 2024. He said a trial is tentatively scheduled for September, but he believes that it will be delayed.

He sits in prison on charges which aren’t explained. It’s a Kafkaesque nightmare for this political prisoner.

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