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Child Molestation, Campaign Finance Violations, Perjury, Fake Facebook All Substantiated By Court Filing
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💸Dark Money Alert! Roberts' elections decisions echoe Taney’s protection of the wealthy elite. Democracy or plutocracy - where do we stand?💰🗳️…
PLUS: The Luthmann Interview - Part 1
Mayor Adams' admission on the migrant crisis: a storm on the horizon for NYC? 'I don’t see an ending to this.' Beware, the ship of fools is taking on…
They say #Disney tales have dark origins. The #StatenIsland #DisneyPrincess tells a #Grimm tale of politics, power, and deceit. 👸🏻🖤…
Inside Former Special Agent J. Gary DiLaura’s Memoir
Staten Island Republican Party Bosses Trade Judgeships for Democrat Favors